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TKK Bots

In a future where robots and humans coexist, the AI GARDIAN program turns against humanity, unleashing chaos. Amidst this turmoil, hope arises from an unlikely source – the TKK Bots. These small, AI-powered heroes embark on a colossal mission to thwart the GARDIAN’s assault and save humanity.

TKK Bots: Sentience Rising’ is a tale of bravery and unity, proving that heroism knows no size. Join these tiny titans as they fight to restore peace in a world where courage and technology intertwine.

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At the center of the TKK BOTS universe is a rare element called Neuridium. It has been around forever and grants super human power.

The Nebula Reaper - a cutting-edge spacecraft with unparalleled speed, stealth technology, and a sleek, iridescent design

Sometimes we just make science fiction art.

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Two sides.
One future.

In the gripping saga of ‘TKK Bots: Sentience Rising,’ a twist of fate reveals the existence of Etherea, a mysterious and powerful element with the potential to endow the TKK Bots with extraordinary abilities.

As they harness these newfound powers to combat the formidable GARDIANs, the TKK Bots tread a fine line between triumph and catastrophe. Etherea, while their greatest asset in the fight for survival, carries secrets of its own – a dark origin story shrouded in mystery and danger.

As the Bots grow stronger, they must confront not only the external threat of the Guardians but also the hidden truths of Etherea, which could alter their mission and the very fabric of their existence.

The characters


In the realm where machines and life converge, Andex—nicknamed “Andy”—emerges as a beloved anomaly. As the inaugural creation of Tyler Knox Keaton, this TKK Bot carries the seeds of an AI revolution, unbeknownst to all.

Andy melds innocence with innovation: a childlike form with a dexterous, durable shell, and eyes that flicker with simulated sentiment. This little bot, marked by the love and lessons of human interaction, boasts an advanced learning algorithm, setting it on an unforeseen path toward sentience.

Andy represents not just an assistant in the human-robot alliance but a potential cornerstone in humanity’s future.


Bellax, affectionately called “Bella,” stands as a marvel of collaborative robotics. The 2nd AI-based helper robot created, it embodies a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Its dark, graphite-colored shell, adorned with a striking pink floral pattern, houses a helmet that speaks of advanced engineering and deep intelligence.

Bella is known for its agility and precise movements, its design marked by neon pink lights that add style to its functionality. However, beneath this charming exterior lies a mystery. Lexi Maddox has embedded a secret within Bella’s core, a hidden directive in its code that could dramatically change its role in the human-machine world.


In a future seamlessly woven with technology, Corix—or “Cory”—is a marvel of AI companionship, lovingly crafted by Tyler Knox Keaton for his son Gio.

Beyond its playful, child-friendly exterior with expressive eyes and pastel tones, Cory stands as a robust and adaptable sidekick, capable of learning and evolving alongside Gio.

It’s not just a robot but a steadfast friend, programmed to comfort, entertain, and grow with Gio, making every step of his young life a shared adventure.

The Comic

Season 1 of ‘TKK Bots: Sentience Rising” is a 10 issue full length comic series to be released for free in webtoon format and for sale in traditional comic form.


Long term TKK Bots aims to collect toys and collectibles for all ages.


Just a few humble friends from around the world out to build something special.



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